sales enablement

Sales enablement is all about delivering revenue growth by helping your sales reps close more deals, faster.

As buyers are becoming smarter so sales teams need to get smarter too. Our sales enablement services provide all the tools, content and insight your sales team require to up their game so they can maximise their productivity, have more successful sales conversations and deliver a better buying experience.

Benefits of sales enablement

One of the biggest benefits of sales enablement is the dramatic and immediate improvement it can deliver in sales productivity. According to a 2015 Salesforce survey, reps only spend one third of their time selling. The rest of their time is wasted on sourcing and researching leads, searching for or creating content and doing routine tasks like updating the CRM, admin and reporting.

But the benefits are not just limited to allowing reps to spend more time on the phone,  in their inboxes and in front of prospective customers. Moving from an immature to a world-class sales enablement organisation can also result in increased deal size, shorter sales cycles and lower sales support costs and dramatically improved win and revenue growth rates as recent survey data demonstrates:

  • New reps hit quota in 3 to 4 months, compared to 6 to 9 months
  • Less than 10% of new sales hires are unsuccessful compared to 30% to 50%
  • Opportunity win rate of 20% compared to less than 10%
  • Revenue growth rate of 40% compared to less than 10%


Now what would results like that that do for your revenue and bottom line profits?

Our Sales Enablement Process

The key to successful sales enablement is aligning your people, process, content and technology to your persona’s buyer’s journey. Our structured approach and comprehensive toolkit allows us to get straight to the heart of your specific requirements and challenges so you can deploy solutions and begin reaping the benefits quickly. Here’s a brief overview of our sales enablement process:

Stage 1: Strategy Development

We kick off with a structured workshop involving all key stakeholders during which we:

  1. Discuss how major marketing and sales gamechangers are impacting your industry and share sales enablement best practices.
  2. Assess your organisational readiness for sales enablement.
  3. Assess your current and desired level of sales enablement maturity.
  4. Evaluate your current sales support and marketing and sales alignment and identify any gaps in the 4 key areas of people, process, content and technology.


Key outputs from this stage include:

  • A prioritised plan for your sales enablement programme divided into quick wins and longer term initiatives.
  • A strategy scorecard that sets out your goals, key initiatives, KPIs and timeframes for implementation.
  • The business case for your sales enablement programme.


Stage 2: Sales Process Design

Stage 2 is dedicated to defining your detailed sales process. This includes agreeing lead handover processes, developing or refining your buyer personas and mapping content and sales assets to the buyer’s journey.

The key output is a detailed sales playbook: a toolkit of information and best practices and a play by play model of your sales process plus a description of the content, scripts and other assets available to support each deal stage that you can share with your sales reps so everyone knows how to sell your products and services effectively.

Stage 3: Implementation

In Stage 3 we work with you to plug any content gaps and ensure that the process and technology foundations for sales enablement are in place. This includes implementing quick win improvements to your CRM, marketing automation, sales intelligence, knowledge management and sales communication systems.

Stage 4: Roll Out

In the final stage we support you in rolling out your sales enablement programme, including sales team training and coaching plans. As a general rule we recommend piloting the sales playbook and new systems and tools for 30 to 60 days with a small group of sales reps so that you can make refinements based on their feedback before launching to the entire sales team.

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