The world of public services communications is changing and it’s changing fast. It has never been more important to ensure that the way you connect and engage with residents, service users, employees and stakeholders is targeted, cost-effective and measurable. It’s time to step into the modern age and embrace inbound marketing for Government.

Inbound marketing: a perfect fit for Government

In the world of business, the objective of inbound marketing is typically to make sales. In a Government setting the goals may be different – for example, to increase public satisfaction with public services by providing a more personalised, faster and frictionless user experience,  drive behaviour change or reduce costs through channel switching and take up of self-service. There are also likely to be many more potential audiences each with multiple personas – residents, service users, employees, businesses, contractors and other key stakeholders – resulting in greater complexity. However, the basic inbound principles and methodology are essentially the same.

Here’s a brief overview of the inbound marketing methodology for Government:


In the attract stage of the inbound methodology you naturally draw citizens to your website by aligning the content you publish with what citizens are interested in and making it easy to find. Tactics you might employ at this stage include producing short, informative blog articles and video content about common problems or questions, optimising your content for keywords people are likely to be typing into the search engines and sharing links to your content via social media.

In the convert stage visitors are persuaded to register as a contact, handing over their name and email address and giving you permission to market to them in exchange for access to additional premium content or some other benefit. Inbound tactics you might use include web forms, calls to action and targeted landing pages.

These contacts are added to a CRM database, segmented on the basis of their interests and behaviour as well as other demographic characteristics and nurtured using email and automated workflows. Every interaction is captured, producing a citizen profile that provides deeper insight into their interests, preferences and goals. This in turn allows you to provide a more personalised online experience, content and messaging and direct them quickly and efficiently to the information or service they require.

In the final delight stage of inbound you continue to build trust, engagement and goodwill using tactics such as surveys, smart content and social media listening.

Are you ready to make the shift to inbound marketing?

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