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Our comprehensive and fully integrated, strategy-before-tactics inbound marketing approach is one of the things that sets us apart from other inbound marketing agencies. It covers all of the key elements required to ensure your inbound campaigns have real impact:

  • A detailed and well researched strategy;
  • An impactful website that’s optimised to convert citizen visitors into citizen contacts;
  • Automated systems that use engaging, relevant and personalised content to attract your target audience and build trust;
  • Closed loop metrics so you can see what’s working and what isn’t;
  • An integrated change management and organisational development framework, building the capacity, skills and culture required for successful execution and ensuring the whole organisation is aligned to the inbound vision and strategy.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Preparing an inbound marketing strategy is the starting point for every new client partnership we enter into. It involves us spending weeks with you, your comms and web teams and your customers to understand your organisation, your story, your goals and challenges and assess your organisational readiness to make the inbound shift so that we can put together a tailored strategy that delivers real impact.

During this phase we:

  • Identify the goals, needs and pain points of your target audiences and develop detailed personas;
  • Map the information needs of your personas at each point in the citizen’s journey;
  • Match your solutions and services to their needs and pain points;
  • Craft emotionally engaging stories, messaging and ideas for content designed to educate and help them accomplish their online goals;
  • Develop ideas for top of the funnel content offers and an outline of nurturing workflows.


The output is a relevant, comprehensive strategy and roadmap, tailored to your organisation, resources and budget and a 90 day inbound marketing plan that connects your tactics to the strategy.


Designing and building your lead generating site

Your website is a key asset and must be designed with just one thing in mind: to move citizen visitors seamlessly through their online journey and service their needs as quickly, simply and efficiently as possible. Instead of spending months redesigning your website on the basis of educated guesswork we employ a growth driven design approach that focuses on the things that will have the biggest impact. We then recommend continuous performance improvements month by month informed by testing,  learning and research about the actions real visitors take when they arrive at your site.

Key elements in your growth driven design strategy will include implementing:

  • Best practice onsite and offsite SEO to ensure you get found for terms your personas are searching for;
  • Strategically placed offers and targeted landing pages designed to convert visitors to contacts; and
  • User experience optimisation to ensure your visitors enjoy a seamless website experience.

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Your automated marketing engine

hubspot toolsHaving the right inbound marketing platform that brings all the elements of your marketing funnel powerfully together like cogs in a well-oiled machine makes the process of converting visitors to delighted citizens completely seamless, while a 360 degree view from your dashboard puts you in full control of your content, channels and marketing performance.

We use HubSpot for our marketing and it’s the platform we recommend to all our clients. It’s not cheap, but it is very easy to use and if you take advantage of every feature it offers it can deliver amazing ROI. With HubSpot, you get all the tools you need to execute your inbound marketing campaigns in one place, including blogging, SEO, social media, landing pages, calls to action, lead management, email, marketing automation, closed loop analytics and one of the best CRMs around.

We then add fuel in the form of  content (blog posts, educational offers, email, newsletters and social media marketing) that will attract and engage your target personas in order to get your marketing engine firing on all cylinders and deliver real impact.

Metrics and analytics

inbound marketing metricsConsistent and ongoing review of your inbound marketing performance is the key to successful campaigns. Here are just some of the many metrics and analytics we monitor every month so that we can continuously optimise your strategy and tactics to ensure your inbound marketing programme delivers the results you want:

  • Your website traffic and sources
  • Blog views
  • Email open and click through rates
  • Landing page conversion rates
  • Call to action performance.

Organisational alignment

To see the best results from your inbound marketing investment your entire organisation needs to shares the vision and strategy and understand their role in ensuring successful execution. This may require fundamental changes in culture and behaviour,  the development of new skills and capacity and different ways of measuring performance.

We address these soft issues up front by carrying out a full inbound readiness assessment and running a workshop for all the key stakeholders prior to the launch of your inbound marketing programme. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and there is clarity about:

  • Why you are adopting inbound;
  • How it is different from the way you currently do things;
  • Roles and responsibilities; and
  • Expected behaviours.

Marketing and service delivery alignment

2 gears representing Inbound marketing and sales alignmentA common problem encountered by companies that adopt inbound marketing is a lack of alignment between marketing and sales. This can lead to ineffective hand-off of and follow-up of leads, resulting in wasted opportunities and internal friction. In a public sector setting problems often arise where contacts are handed off to the back office for service delivery.

We ensure this hand-off happens smoothly for our Government clients without the ball being dropped using a variety of tools to

  • Identify any gaps in alignment between marketing and comms and your service delivery teams;
  • Develop a clear SLA that defines when and how contacts will be handed off and expected actions; and
  • Create an inbound playbook that defines the service fulfilment process and includes a toolkit of information and best practices.


We then slot the final pieces of the jigsaw in place by mapping out the content assets relevant to each stage of the citizen’s journey plus tools and templates your service delivery teams will require in order to maximise their productivity and performance.